‘Two And A Half Men’ Adds Ashton Kutcher To The Mix

There was so much hype around Charlie Sheen when he was axed on “Two and a Half Men.” He filed a $100 million lawsuit. He rampaged. He unknowingly became the No. 1 spokesman for psychiatry in the world. But today, CBS announced his replacement on the hit TV show! Ashton Kutcher will come on as…
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Open Call For Charlie Sheen Interns

I can’t imagine fawning over and picking up after Charlie Sheen, his ego or his goddesses, but for some reason, three University of Minnesota students are vying for the opportunity. One intern wannabe, Shanna Henderson, said this: “I will keep Sheeniacs salivating for more day to day controversy.” Another, Josh Schriener, said this: “(Working for…
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