Monday Mix: The Unanswerable

Here’s another clip from “Family Feud,” with Steve Harvey. He asks a question that two married men refuse to answer, and I have to say I don’t blame them. Hope you enjoy and happy Monday! Click here to view other Monday mix posts.

Theme Song Thursday: Take A Look, It’s In A Book

I might not remember the book reviews, and I’ve long since forgotten the guest stars, but I recently realized that “Reading Rainbow” has stuck with me well into adulthood for one big reason – its highly infectious, yet simple, theme song about the power of reading. Usually I think of the song when I see…
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Theme Song Thursday: ‘My So-Called Life’s’ So-called Theme

Claire Danes. Before “Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines.” Before “The Mod Squad” and even “Romeo + Juliet,” there was “My So-Called Life.” Maroon-haired Angela Chase battles angst and adolescence in the suburbs. “My So-Called Life” debuted on ABC in 1994, and in many ways, it was one of the first shows of its kind.…
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Monday Mix: The Effects Of Alcohol By Age

It’s official. Summer-y weather is here in Grand Forks. There are graduation parties and barbecues, camping and road trips. I thought it couldn’t hurt to post a reminder to enjoy in moderation because if you’re like me, you can’t enjoy yourself like you used to. Here’s a clip from “Scrubs” that poses this change so…
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Theme Song Thursday: How DO You Talk To An Angel? This Band Doesn’t Know Either

The 1990s were a time of introspection, and every now and then someone would try to answer some of the great existential questions of their time. But one of those mysteries still persists today: “How do you talk to an angel?” That’s a tough question to answer, especially considering that doing so is like “trying…
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