Open Call For Charlie Sheen Interns

I can’t imagine fawning over and picking up after Charlie Sheen, his ego or his goddesses, but for some reason, three University of Minnesota students are vying for the opportunity. One intern wannabe, Shanna Henderson, said this: “I will keep Sheeniacs salivating for more day to day controversy.” Another, Josh Schriener, said this: “(Working for…
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Monday Mix: Whoopsie Daisy!

This clip’s from the hit-or-miss TV show THE WHITEST KIDS U KNOW, and it makes me laugh every time. This show’s not for everybody, but it has some really hilarious moments. Enjoy, and happy Monday! Click here to view previous Monday mix posts.

Monday Mix: Don Draper On 30 Rock

For those of us who suffer from a case of the Mondays, I’m starting a series of Monday posts that feature a clip that might brighten your day. Here’s a clip from 30 ROCK , season 4. If any of you are familiar with Jon Hamm from AMC’s MAD MEN, you’ll really appreciate this because…
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Charlie Sheen One-ups The Oscars

The Oscars. Most of the banter Monday was about Melissa Leo dropping the F bomb during her lengthy acceptance speech for best supporting actress in “The Fighter,” Kirk Douglas’ appearance as a presenter, and Charlie Sheen … who was not nominated for an Academy Award, but was interviewed on the Today Show Monday morning, and…
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OSCARS: One Opinion On Best Supporting Nominations

Christian Bale and Melissa Leo have a fighting chance at supporting-actor Oscars By Rafer Guzman Newsday Where’s Justin Timberlake? In “The Social Network,” he had the small but crucial role of a slick-talking dot-commer who walked away with a slice of the Facebook pie. Critics were impressed, but when Oscar nods were announced, Timberlake’s name…
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