‘Two And A Half Men’ Adds Ashton Kutcher To The Mix

There was so much hype around Charlie Sheen when he was axed on “Two and a Half Men.” He filed a $100 million lawsuit. He rampaged. He unknowingly became the No. 1 spokesman for psychiatry in the world. But today, CBS announced his replacement on the hit TV show! Ashton Kutcher will come on as…
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Monday Mix: Coffee … Please

For this Monday’s mix, I’m going with a scene from FX’s TV show “Louie.” It stars comedian, writer Louis C.K., and it’s hilarious! Season 2 will air on Thursday, June 23. The thing I like about Louie’s comedy is he writes his own material and he makes it a point to always create new comedy:…
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Monday Mix: Family Feud Flub

This video was sent to me, and it should conjure up a smile. It’s from Family Feud with Steve Harvey, and his reaction makes the clip. Hope you enjoy and happy Monday. Click here to check out earlier Monday mix clips.

Theme Song Thursday: Pete And Pete’s ‘Hey Sandy’ Screams 90’s

Flashback to the early 90’s. Flannel shirts, Nirvana, MTV still showed music videos and Nickelodeon ruled in the realm of adolescent programming. Thus begat THE ADVENTURES OF PETE AND PETE. You might remember the Pete brothers; Petunia, the flashy pin-up tattoo; and their mother’s metal head plate. Thinking back to a lot of Nickelodeon theme…
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It’s A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World On TV’s Mad Men

News that MAD MEN, the multi-Emmy-winning series on AMC, had its fifth season delayed until 2012 is a disappointment for the show’s viewers. I’m catching up with season 4, and it’s as good as ever. (As much as I’d like to delay finishing to tide me over until next year, I don’t think it’s possible.)…
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