Theme Song Thursday Kicks Off!

To kick off this series, I had to think of a theme song that I grew up with that always struck a chord with me, and the UNSOLVED MYSTERIES tune creeped into my head. I probably watched this show when I was too young, but back then, I was interested in anything frightening or supernatural.…
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Theme Song Thursday

Herald reporter Ryan Johnson and I will be starting a series of posts called Theme Song Thursday. Tune in tomorrow for our first installment!

Monday Mix: Michael Cera Be Jammin’

Driving to work, Guess Who’s “These Eyes” was on the radio. Whenever I hear this song, I laugh to myself thinking about Michael Cera terrified and singing upon the “insistence” of a group of drug-addled party-goers. This clip is from SUPERBAD, which isn’t a film for kids. The scene’s funny for me because it showcases…
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