MONDAY MIX: It’s The Remix

I was introduced to this a few weeks ago by a colleague, and warning: it’s goofy/silly/dumb, but I laugh. every. time. Hope you enjoy and happy Monday! Click here for other Monday mix clips, and one warning, be sure to have your earbuds in, volume on medium/low for this one.

Bro. Pass me the juice.

Screen Time: Review Of ‘Pain And Gain’

A couple things about Michael Bay’s new movie “Pain and Gain.” PRO: Michael Bay FINALLY stops taking himself so seriously. In one scene, crippled Tony Shalhoub (Monk from “Monk”) tries to pick a bun up off of the floor, insisting he “needs to do this on his own.” It takes him a long time, and…
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Ryan Gosling, Eva Mendes and some baby in "The Place Beyond the Pines."

Screen Time: ‘Oblivion,’ Review Of ‘The Place Beyond The Pines’

I saw “The Place Beyond the Pines” and walked outta the theater thinking: “That was the best movie I’ve seen this year.” I don’t want to give too much away, so here are some spoiler-free bullet points. Ryan Gosling is easily one of those actors whose work I will see. Every. Time. He gives a…
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‘Two And A Half Men’ Adds Ashton Kutcher To The Mix

There was so much hype around Charlie Sheen when he was axed on “Two and a Half Men.” He filed a $100 million lawsuit. He rampaged. He unknowingly became the No. 1 spokesman for psychiatry in the world. But today, CBS announced his replacement on the hit TV show! Ashton Kutcher will come on as…
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‘Contagion’ Has All The Symptoms But Lacks The Payoff Of A Solid Flick

“Contagion” opened at midnight today, and I was pumped. The trailer is action-packed, thrilling and promises thrills and chills (no pun intended), but the movie doesn’t follow suit. It opens to a black screen and the isolated sound of coughing. (Kudos to director Steven Soderbergh and screenwriter Scott Z. Burns.) It all starts with one…
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