IN THEATERS: Learn To Live From The Dead In ‘Swiss Army Man’

With films like “The Lobster,” “Ex Machina” and “Room,” studio A24 is quickly becoming one to trust if you’re looking for something imaginative, in-depth and soul-stirring. Its latest is “Swiss Army Man,” a comedic, philosophical powerhouse that opens Friday at Zinema 2. In it, Hank (Paul Dano) is lost at sea and ready to hang…
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STREAMING REVIEW: ‘Unexpected’ Delivers A Bundle Of Surprises

“Unexpected” aims to blaze a new trail of teacher-helps-student-out-of-the-classroom movies. In it, inner-city teacher Samantha (Cobie Smulders) gets unexpectedly pregnant. It’s bad timing because her school’s closing at the end of the year, and she doesn’t have another gig lined up, though she frequently views an online posting for her dream job. Her favorite distraction…
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STREAMING REVIEW: Step Into The Mind Of Comic Genius Barry Crimmins In ‘Call Me Lucky’

“Call Me Lucky” catches up with comedian/political satirist/advocate Barry Crimmins, the passionate and biting man who revolutionized standup comedy before the internet. Directed by fellow performer Bobcat Goldthwait, this documentary looks at how Crimmins gave comics a place to perform and it goes deep into Crimmins’ history and is appropriately peppered with comic touches. From…
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STREAMING REVIEW: Walk Right Past ‘The Lady In The Car’

“The Lady in the Car with Glasses and a Gun” is a French psychological thriller about a beautiful secretary who may be losing her mind. Dany (Freya Mavor) is dressed like Little Orphan Annie meets a librarian in a red top with a white collar, oversized glasses and a tight ponytail. “I’ve never seen the…
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Handsome Dan was seized from Vick’s dog-fighting ring, and his journey to rehabilition is chronicled in “The Champions.”

INDIEWATCH: Every Dog Has Its Day In ‘The Champions’

“The Champions” traces life after dog-fighting for Michael Vick’s pit bull terriers. A quick background: In 2007, Vick served 21 months after police busted his dog-fighting ring. After a briefing on breed discrimination legislation, “The Champions” kicks into the heart of this documentary: the advocacy, the slow rehabilitation and the true character of this breed.…
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