Back To School In 10 Movies

Fall can be tough. The days are shorter, temperatures are dropping, and it’s hard to trade long days at the beach or in the woods for afternoons in the classroom. Here are some movies to help ease any back-to-school blues. “Grease” (1978) Sandy (Olivia Newton-John) and Danny (John Travolta) were summer lovebirds, and when they…
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Counter clockwise: Keegan-Michael Key (Jack), Gillian Jacobs (Samantha), Chris Gethard (Bill), Kate Micucci (Allison), Mike Birbiglia (Miles), Tami Sagher (Lindsay) star in “Don’t Think Twice,” now playing at Zinema 2. Courtesy of

IN THEATERS: ‘Don’T Think Twice’ Brings More Than Laughs

In “Don’t Think Twice,” things seem all warm, fuzzy and funny for improv comedy troupe the Commune. They prep for a show by doing word-association exercises. “Duck season” evolves into “Pew pew, Nintendo,” as the members play off each other, and in a voiceover, one shares improv is all “about a group working together in…
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IN THEATERS: ‘Cafe Society’ Is A Light And Dark Delight

Director Woody Allen’s latest film “Cafe Society” opens today at Zinema 2. True to form, Allen weaves humor with love, modern “tragedy,” success and neuroses in this film starring Steve Carell, Jesse Eisenberg and Kristen Stewart. It’s 1930s Hollywood, and Bobby (Jesse Eisenberg) flies in from the Bronx, hoping to work for his powerful uncle…
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STREAMING REVIEW: ‘Extraordinary Tales’ A Fun And Lukewarm Tribute To Poe

The pool of animated films for adults has steadily been increasing with “Persepolis,” “Beowulf” and the latest “Anomalisa.” Tack on “Extraordinary Tales,” an anthology of five works by Edgar Allen Poe that’s been reimagined by Raul Garcia, whose credits include “The Lion King,” “Tarzan” and “Hercules.” In “Extraordinary Tales,” a crow named Poe, swoops into a…
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STREAMING REVIEW: Get Uncomfortable With ‘(Dis)Honesty’

Everybody lies. That’s the main thread in documentary “(Dis)Honesty: The Truth About Lies.” Through interviews with philosophers, psychiatrists and marketing reps, this documentary gets to the heart of BS. Some pros: a philosopher shares his decision to not tell his kids about Santa Claus or the tooth fairy and a mother talks about hiding a…
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