‘Machete Kills’ Sure To Deliver Blood, Babes

I went through a Robert Rodriguez phase, as did the rest of America. He directed “Sin City” and ‘Planet Terror,” two visually striking and gory movies. After staying relatively low on the radar, his latest work “Machete Kills” opens in theaters this week.

This is a sequel to 2010’s “Machete,” and if the name says anything, I don’t know what this’ll have to offer that the first one didn’t. Oh yeah, Sofia Vergara has a killer bust. Literally.

Her character touts an oozy-bra.


Rodriguez has a thing for weaponized women. In “Planet Terror,” zombies amputate Rose McGowan’s leg, a ploy to fashion her with a machine gun in its stead.

Director Rodriguez thinks legs are lethal in more ways than one.

It was a pretty sweet and unbelievable tactic, but it was worth some pretty sweet shots.

Rodriguez’s work is a little grungy, raw and violent, but it’s always filled with humor, progressive editing and he scores his own films. I don’t know if I’ll see “Machete Kills,” but I have a firm idea of what to expect. I might just check it out to see Lady Gaga in a film.

Are you going to see “Machete Kills” at the theater?