‘Two And A Half Men’ Adds Ashton Kutcher To The Mix

There was so much hype around Charlie Sheen when he was axed on “Two and a Half Men.” He filed a $100 million lawsuit. He rampaged. He unknowingly became the No. 1 spokesman for psychiatry in the world. But today, CBS announced his replacement on the hit TV show! Ashton Kutcher will come on as a wealthy, bearded Internet genius who’s unlucky with the ladies. His character is set to move in with Alan (Jon Cryer) and young Jake (Angus T. Jones).

They'rrrrreee baaaaaack

“Two and a Half Men” returns for its ninth season Monday. The show’s writers and producers had a couple of challenges dealing with the loss of Charlie Sheen, who met his end on the show in a a fatal car accident. But according to co-star Cryer:

“The writers had an enormous challenge and you’ll see they handled it beautifully. Change is often shocking but it’s so true to the show. And sometimes stuff you don’t see coming happens in life. And in that respect it was very true to life.”

Kutcher seems to be a good-natured, safe addition to the trio. I think after getting “Sheen-ed” last seaon, the show creators were looking for the goods Kutcher can deliver. But I guess we’ll see how the revamped cast pans out next week.

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