Theme Song Thursday: Who. Is. The Masser?

Bruce Leroy. The Glow. The Sho-Gun of Harlem. Any of these ring a bell? If not, you might be missing out on a cult classic.

“The Last Dragon” came out in 1985 and has been described as a martial arts, dance movie. If you haven’t seen it, it might be too late. It’s pretty campy and one of those movies that gets immediate amnesty if you grew up with it. It features your typical characters: A black belt trying to reach the “Final Level” who eats popcorn with chopsticks; the damsel in distressed played by 80’s seductress Vanity; and the bully in martial arts garb made complete with black Converse sneakers and shoulder pads.

Sho-Nuff discovers who the REAL master is.

Having said that, “The Last Dragon” may be best known for its music, which was supervised by Motown Records founder, Berry Gordon. The soundtrack featured “Rhythm of the Night,” which hit No. 3 on Billboard’s Top 100, Stevie Wonder’s “Upset Stomach,” Vanity’s “7th Heaven” and the immortal theme, “The Last Dragon,” by Dwight David.

All a “Last Dragon” die-hard need do to weed out like-minded people is to sing a couple of words from this theme.

Take life one day at a time
That’s what a wise man said to me.
He said, “Life, in all it’s complexity
Is the ultimate test for you and me.”

When you walk holding your head up high
For the masters watching you from the sky
I know not what trouble lies ahead
Before you fight, use your head.

It’s time to leave my nest where you were born
This journey you must make alone.
(Spread your wings and fly)
There’s a power deep inside you, an inner strength
You’ll find in time of need.
(The Glow)

Like the seasons, love will come and go
If it’s right, you’ll automatically know.
The world of mystery exists only in your head.
When you become one with yourself
The wall will fall

The journey now before you is the final test
You’ve learned your lesson well.
(I can teach you no more)
There’s a power deep inside you, an inner strength
You’ll find in time of need.
(The Glow)

You are the Last Dragon
You posess the power of the Glow

“The Last Dragon,” theme song by Dwight David

“The Glow,” by Willie Hutch

“7th Heaven,” performed by Vanity

Theme Song Thursday extra: The character Sho’Nuff makes a cameo in Busta Rhymes’ 1997 music video for “Dangerous”:

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