Top Five Friday: Knocking Heads With Freddie Mercury

This is a new, biweekly series featuring my Top Five picks in a number of categories.

You know those songs that make you laugh because you remember it from a comedy? Or the ones that make you cringe because it played over gore in a drama?

Maybe not, but here are the Top 5 songs that I will forevermore associate with a scene from a movie.

  • 5. “Hem of Your Garment,” Cake. This video’s a shorty, but the extended scene from “Me, Myself and Irene” is biting. Jim Carrey relishes being bad, the Farrelly brothers feed the beast and the scene becomes unforgettable.

  • 4. “Don’t Stop Me Now,” Queen. Battling zombies? What else would get you pumped to knock some skulls but Freddie Mercury. Here’s the link.
  • 3. “New Slang,” The Shins. Many likely discovered this song before “Garden State,” but those who first heard it during this scene will always tie them together.

  • 2. “A Quick One While He’s Away,” The Who. A great scene to a hilarious movie. The lyrics, “You are forgiven,” over adolescent payback between a teen and a mid-lifer — I still laugh when I hear this song on the radio.

  • 1. “Layla,” Eric Clapton. Know what scene I’m talking about? I used to love the piano solo in “Layla.” I used to envision good times with friends and family … specifically, running slow-mo in a field of flowers with my friends and family. Martin Scorsese ruined it for me when he juxtaposed this heart-felt solo with violence. Here’s a link. (It has some R-rated content.)

Any songs you associate with a scene from TV or movies? Let’s hear it.