Theme Song Thursday: Pete And Pete’s ‘Hey Sandy’ Screams 90’s

Flashback to the early 90’s. Flannel shirts, Nirvana, MTV still showed music videos and Nickelodeon ruled in the realm of adolescent programming. Thus begat THE ADVENTURES OF PETE AND PETE.

You might remember the Pete brothers; Petunia, the flashy pin-up tattoo; and their mother’s metal head plate. Thinking back to a lot of Nickelodeon theme songs, this was one of the most mature (*lyrics below) and definitely the most true to the 90’s. The theme’s called “Hey Sandy,” by Polaris, which was an off-shoot of the band Miracle Legion. They were featured in an episode of PETE AND PETE, and did a few other songs for the show.

I just rewatched an episode, and I understand its appeal to the Nickelodeon demographic. PETE AND PETE is way better than HANNAH MONTANA or THE SUITE LIFE OF ZACK AND CODY. I sometimes babysit (hang out with) and 8-year-old, and whenever we watch TV, it’s of course, age-appropriate. If I have to watch younger TV shows, I’m game for VICTORIOUS, iCARLY or BIG TIME RUSH.

PETE AND PETE was relatable to a larger group of kids, which many shows of this kind lack today, i.e., Hannah Montana leads a double life as a pop star, the teens of BIG TIME RUSH are in a pop group. Maybe it’s nostalgia talking, but I think the 90’s produced some great TV.

Here’s the theme song.

*Hey smilin’ strange
You’re looking happily deranged
I could’ve settled if you shoot me
Or have you picked your target yet?

Hey Sandy
dontcha talk back
Hey Sandy

Theme Song Thursday is a weekly look back at memorable, not-so-influential, nostalgia-inducing theme songs by the Herald’s Melinda Lavine and Ryan Johnson. Click here to read earlier entries, and feel free to share!

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