The Adjustment Bureau: Under-rated?

I didn’t expect much from THE ADJUSTMENT BUREAU, but I knew I still wanted to see it. I’m a fan of Emily Blunt (she killed it in YOUNG VICTORIA and THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA), and I think she has a promising career ahead of her. Matt Damon, of course, has star-studded charisma, and I can’t remember a time he’s disappointed me. (I did however, skip his clairvoyant thriller, HEREAFTER, so maybe my perception’s askew.)


So, the film: you buy Matt Damon as a nice guy from the wrong side of the tracks who makes it big and achieves success at a young age … likely because it parallels Damon’s life and his early success as the co-writer and star of GOOD WILL HUNTING. The chemistry between Damon and Blunt is palpable,  MAD MEN’S John Slattery makes his big-screen appearance in duds that resemble his day job’s. (Spoiler alert: But in THE ADJUSTMENT BUREAU, hats are magical.) As you can guess by the trailer, the movie questions free will, chance and destiny, and I didn’t mind this, it was a break from the usual thrillers or formulaic romantic comedies (which I still love). That’s not to say it’s lacking suspense. (On two occasions, I audibly gasped (*actually yelped.))

My friend, Matt (not Damon), pointed out that some movies with an original idea have an ending that often doesn’t do it justice. This was the case with THE ADJUSTMENT BUREAU, but I still liked it. In hard times like these, recovering from a recession, this movie is appealing because it’s moral is the higher-ups aren’t always right, questioning authority is sometimes good and fighting for what you want doesn’t always create a negative outcome. I think it’s worth watching if you’re curious.

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