Monday Mix: Don Draper On 30 Rock

For those of us who suffer from a case of the Mondays, I’m starting a series of Monday posts that feature a clip that might brighten your day. Here’s a clip from 30 ROCK , season 4. If any of you are familiar with Jon Hamm from AMC’s MAD MEN, you’ll really appreciate this because he gets to be goofy, which is very non-Don Draper-esque. So often during MAD MEN flashbacks, I feel like Don Draper smiling is almost creepy because it seems so unnatural for his character. It’s a delight to see Jon Hamm make guest appearances on 30 ROCK because you can tell he’s having fun.

In this clip, Mad man Don Draper, does one heck of a Jamaican accent. And Jason Sudeikis, as always, is comedy gold.