Coming To A Screen Near You

Just around the corner is the Oscars, which is the holy grail for movie-lovers. It marks the end of the award season, and Hollywood gets dolled up to hit the red carpet. This is my SuperBowl, likely because it sparks an interest in many to talk about the contenders, winners, losers and cinema. And this is one of my favorite parts of film.

My intention for this blog is to create a space for discussion about movies, television, theater and the occasional bit of pop culture. I’m no David Bianculli or Bob Mondello (of NPR), but there’s rarely a time when I’m not quoting films or comparing real-life situations to something from a TV show (which probably makes me a bit of a freak.)

So this is a call to arms of other “freaks” like me, let’s talk about movies. I’m going to be featuring a lot of Oscars-related content this week, mainly reads that we won’t get in the Grand Forks Herald. I’ve attached a PDF of the Oscar ballot, so we can all vote Sunday during the show. And for anyone who has any tips on how to throw an Oscars party, please feel free to post them.

Here’s the pilot featuring some other “freaks” like me. Every time I hear the song, “Lady” from Styx, I think of Jason Segel awkwardly singing it in this show or The Dan Band inserting expletives in “Old School.”

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